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Books, Stationary & Comics J juzsimplicity May 29, 2012 736
Love the simplicity
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Muji is a store that I love going into, just walking one round in Muji lifts my spirits a little. I just love how simple it is, and how the ambience radiates a quiet calmness that makes people feel more at ease and relaxed. The design of the products mainly revolved around the concept of simplicity and superb quality. The colours of the products more or less go in line with the whole theme and decor of the shop itself - brown earthy colours that reminds one of nature, the music in the store is very soothing and pleasant as well.

It sells a wide variety of products, from clothes to bath products to stationary to kitchen ware to food as well as bedroom details. I always go back to the store for stationary and notebooks. I love how smooth the pens are as well as the simplicity and quality of the notebooks. Although Muji sells at pretty expensive prices, the stationary remains quite affordable ( Some of the notebooks can get a little more pricey so it depends on which one you are getting). The other products however, like clothings and blankets and linen sheets can get pretty pricey.

It is a place that would do pretty good retail therapy, even just by browsing through the shop.
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