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Feeding Your Simpleton
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Overall Rating 
Muji has been around for awhile now, but I've only recently ventured to explore it. I've heard a lot of it online, which is basically what got me curious about this. Their pricier tendencies haven't missed me so I entered the store with a prepared heart.

They come across as a mini Japanese version of IKEA, minus the relatively more affordable pricing. Their products range from bathroom utilities, to bedroom details, to kitchen ware, even to the itsy bitsy stationary. The earthy theme of the entire store gives shoppers a really comfortable and pleasant experience. This is accentuated so with staff that are readily at hand to handle your queries, yet do not probe nor intervene unnecessarily.

I personally came for their renowned acrylic organisers. On my way, my eyes caught on the plastic and wooden ranges, that were really impressive and honestly, much more affordable too. But I was blown away by the sleekness of the acrylic range. They are definitely worth the money too. The drawers I purchased were sturdy and the drawers glide on really well, without the awkward squeaky jams you expect between plastic ridges.

Their quaint range of stationary caught my attention too, and they're definitely a lot more affordable compared to Muji's other products, and are reasonably priced. I would definitely come back for these.

Basically, Muji feeds the simplistic and sophisticated side of you. And I will definitely recommend their acrylic organisers. ;)

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