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Books, Stationary & Comics R rui-ling-teo November 13, 2013 280
Decent bookstore
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I visited MPH yesterday to get a Christmas present for a friend and although the bookstore has a relatively wide range of books, I was slightly - and rather unreasonably - disappointed, having been to the ultra-huge Kinokuniya bookstore just the week before.

However, the books available were sufficient and I was able to find a suitable book for my friend pretty quickly. This was also due to how organised the shelves were - everything was categorised nicely. However, the categorisation was not as detailed as that of the Kinokuniya bookstore (ie. In Kinokuniya, they further categorise their books under "biographies" into smaller categories; in MPH it was just "biographies")

Overall, it's a decent bookstore to visit but there is no guarantee that you will find the book you want in the store. If I had a specific book to look for, I'd probably go to Kinokuniya because there's a higher chance of that book being available. I wouldn't mind going to MPH if I'm just going to browse or look for a gift though.

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