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Books, Stationary & Comics R rui-ling-teo December 10, 2012 616
Captivating...until you see the price
(Updated: December 19, 2014)
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Overall Rating 
We've all been there. You're strolling along in a mall when a brightly lit store catches your eye. From the clean and simplistic interior of the store to the warm and friendly staff smiling at you as you approach, everything in the store exudes a sweet and welcoming vibe.

Before you know it, you're inside the store browsing through its products, scribbling sweet nothings onto the paper provided under the guise of testing their pens. You pick up beautifully designed notebook after another, admiring their artfully designed planners and interesting journals, such as the one that makes you answer a question everyday for three years. This leaves you moving from shelf to shelf, falling in love with each and every sweet little thing in the store, with a trail of drool to prove it.

Soon enough, you pick up one of their little notebooks and start making your way to the counter to pay. But then you briefly glance at its price tag. You drop the book, pick up your jaw, and awkwardly scuttle out of the store.

Sure, their products really are very sweetly and beautifully designed, and some of them are really creative too. But the price range is kind of crazy. One thing this place is good for, though, is inspiration. They have quite a few journals that encourage positivity in life, and the atmosphere in the shop is one of quiet happiness. Prices aside, this is definitely one of my favourite shops to loiter around in, and hopefully one day I'll have enough money to buy one of everything in this sweet little store.
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