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Books, Stationary & Comics R rui-ling-teo December 10, 2012 615
lovely stationery, but expensive
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I am a fan of lovely stationery and would be on the constant lookout for new letter sets or stickers to add to my stationery collection. I am a member of Kikki.K, but I have to say there's nothing much my membership affords me with this store, pretty stationery aside. There are not much membership privileges such as discounts which would come in handy with the high prices of kikki.K's stationery!!

Yes, kikki.K does have some really lovely stationery, but it does not have new stock often hence it is quite boring, I would only go once every few months to scan their products! I would not even purchase their pens, as even though it is cute with designs such as polka dots or strawberries, I would rather save the money for other things, and purchase my required pens at Popular, where at least, I get a member discount. The most I would buy from Kikki.K is when I'm in need of replenishing my stock of stickers/labels, where a sticker booklet with beautiful designs cost around $20+.

Stationery aside, Kikki.K has some lovely leather bags in their collection which I desire. Alas, it is also pricey, but the tote bags, carry ons, and computer case are functional and fashionable.

Recommended for those with cash to spare.

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