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don't bother stepping in
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kikki.K is just really overpriced. Definitely not worth your money, must less worth your time spent browsing through their store items. I really am not a big fan of their items – I don’t find their products exceptionally intriguing or creative, and definitely not worth the price you are paying for. As for me, I am a big sucker for stationery items (you can say my hobby would be collecting stationery like pens and notepads); so if I do not fancy a particular brand of stationery, then it usually is either very unreasonably priced or just not very appealing. I have to say, even products from Typo are more worth it (given the fact that Typo also sells overpriced items).

In addition, kikk.K does not sell a very large range of items; they have a pretty limited section for every subset of stationery products. Their outlets are not very widespread through Singapore, so even if you find one, I suggest not to go in.

The reason why I say their stationery products are not very appealing – their products are pretty plain and ‘bland’, it might be great for those who want to design their own notebooks, but I suggest buying plain-covered notebooks from Muji. They are much more cheaper and of better quality.

I have to say though, I really like their store décor – the metallic, silvery shiny finish exudes an ‘aura’ which makes me feel at home, in a posh apartment in London.

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