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Books, Stationary & Comics R rui-ling-teo December 10, 2012 584
Way too expensive!
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Kikki. K is one of the classiest stationery stores I've ever encountered. It also deserves a prize for being the most expensive stationery store as well, because I have yet to find something within the store that caters to my budget.

Kikki. K generally retails lifestyle stationery like planners, notebooks, pens, and even clocks. The interior of the store is usually all-white, and the store is always impeccably clean and polished, and this definitely lends the store a very classy vibe. However, I definitely wouldn't mind if the store compromised some of its classy exterior for a price reduction, because each time I enter Kikki. K, I always manage to find something absolutely gorgeous, and proceed to put it away painfully because of the exorbitant price.

That said, if you have too much cash to squander, Kikki. K would be a lovely place to spend all that money on. The items are classy, with just a hint of adorable, and there are even seasonal designs and colours for their stationery!

Until Kikki. K rethinks its prices, I'll be staying away from the store. As gorgeous as their organizers and notebooks are, having to leave them behind in the store because of their price tag is too much a pain for me to bear.

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