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Books, Stationary & Comics R raion October 13, 2012 1812
You name it, you get it; cheap too!
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The branch at Tampines is relatively huge, comparable to other more distingushed book stores. Generally, I thank store has done a good job in getting up-to-date fiction and non-fiction books as well as assement books. You name it, and you will most probably get it.

I like how the store organise their books and each section is labelled clearly wtih either large posters or handwritten boards. Furthermore, most books are lay out neatly on huge long tables, making the browsing easier. I could compare the contents of books more conveniently when I needed to purchase assessment books for my tuitee. The store sells a wide variety of art and craft items and also stationaries including school bags. It is a good place to get all neccessary items for school children,

I like spacious store which allow easy access to all areas despite having a relatively large crowd in the store already. The prices is about the same as in any other stores. Well, since Big bookshop has only 3 branches, the company did not set up a membership system where discounts can be given. If not, the prices can be even cheaper!
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