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Others N ng-tze-yen January 12, 2016 387
Dating at your fingertips with Tinder
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As my fellow introverts would know, mingling outside of your comfort circle to find a date requires a whole lot of grit and willpower. Dating apps are a huge life-savers, but you don’t want to talk to just anybody - there needs to be some sort of a filter. I chose to use Tinder, because it allows fuss-free browsing from an almost inexhaustible pool with just a simple swipe of the finger.

One of Tinder’s most outstanding features for me would be the sending of only text messages on the app, which gets rid of unwanted ‘surprises’. Apart from that, your personal preferences - age, gender, height - can be keyed in and an algorithm will help sieve out profiles based on that.

A facebook profile and short bio is all that’s needed to join, and there is no limit to the number of ‘matches’ you can have in a day.
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