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Others L lydia-hunter January 08, 2016 384
Flawless, a whole new world of motivation
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The first of January has been and gone, and if you still find yourself sitting on the sofa being a bit of a lazy lump and in need of some serious motivation, Strava could be the way to get you up, moving and improving. Designed for and by athletes, it’s similar to the Nike+ Running app, but having used both, I find Strava to be leaps and bounds ahead. It’s much more user friendly, as well as being miles more advanced at analysing your run or cycle section by section.

Finding friends, family and athletes on Strava and following them lets you see their exact runs and rides, looking at what route they did, how long they took, average speed and much much more. If like me you normally get home from a run and just feel exhausted and convinced you’ll never put yourself through that again, Strava will change that. By being able to see exactly what you did including the average gradient of hills that you climbed and your calories burned gives you a whole new level of motivation, and each time you exercise you’re determined to get better results than last time.

It’s completely transformed the way that I look at exercise, now every time I run or cycle, I’m competing against myself, and also trying to get an impressive Strava to show off to those who follow me. Not only is it the best running app that I’ve ever used, it’s also free, so you now you have absolutely no excuse.
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