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Others A aikiash January 04, 2013 496
Great concept but typical playground dangers
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Any parent who brings their kids to a playground worries about 2 things that might hurt their children: the playground itself, and other kids.

With SingKids, the playground itself is very safe. I brought my daughter to their branch at Vivo City and she enjoyed running about exploring the place. Every thing is padded, cushioned, or filled with air so that kids will not fall and injure themselves. The place is brightly colored and well-designed.

However, the designers can do nothing about dangerous kids or parents. Both times I brought my daughter there, she was frightened and bullied by rowdy boys (easily mistaken for psychotic monkeys) and even pinched by one despite us standing right in front of her. Fortunately, their parents were appropriately apologetic which avoided us getting into unpleasant situations.

Not every kid was that fortunate though. On New Year Eve, we witnessed a young girl slapping a boy while playing. His mother retaliated by slapping her back. Needless to say, the mothers of both kids got into a nasty argument with the fathers and even relatives getting involved and almost violent.
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