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Others L lydia-hunter February 10, 2016 352
Not as regular as GrabTaxi, but a useful alternative
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Once I get into a habit, it takes a lot for me to break it. For example, I use GrabTaxi almost every time I need to get a cab, but always ignore the option to go for GrabCar, even though sometimes the option is cheaper and I’m not able to get a regular cab. So when there was a promotion to use it, I finally tried it out and turns out that it’s actually a really useful choice.

Not only does GrabCar get you a ride even when all taxis are taken, but it gives you the price of the ride before it’s even started, as it works out how much you pay solely by distance. So that means no more drivers taking you the long way just so they can get an extra $1.50. It also means that it’s not your regular cab car picking you up, so be ready for people carriers or boy racer type cars being your ride.

Although as it’s less regulated than GrabTaxi the drivers and their cars often aren’t as standardised. One journey I didn’t have a seat belt and whenever the brakes were used it sounded like someone was screaming, with the driver not really knowing where he was going. He was lovely though, and we got to where we needed to be for a probably cheaper price than if we were to get a cab.
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