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The App Couples Never Knew They Needed
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Every relationship has its strains and conflicts; for me, it’s finding and making time in my busy schedule for my significant other. So when I discovered Between, an app for couples (exclusive, I know), I was elated to find that 1) I will never send another embarrassing ‘goodnight’ text to the wrong chat and 2) it is so much easier to communicate time via a shared calendar.

Between is not just a private little chat-world for you and your significant other, its shared calendar allows you to each input significant events (never miss another important day!) and dates to synchronize your calendars. On top of that, there is even a “Story” function where you can upload memorable moments (cheesy, I know, but the things you do when you’re in love amirite…), and a “Notes” folder to jot down shared, well, notes.

Ultimately, face-to-face communication is always optimal, but since we all need some backup from technology once in awhile, Between is just the right space!

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