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Courier & Postal D david-tan October 15, 2012 497
Affordable pricing but service can be improved
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Overall Rating 
When I said the service can be improved, it doesn't refer to the service staff attitude. Rather, it's referring to the queue whenever I wish to collect or post a parcel overseas. There was this once I needed to send something urgent to Shanghai (a scrapbook decorated with Xmas lighting) for my friend who's out stationed there and I wanted her to receive it before Xmas, or at least on the same day. Went to Singpost 2 days before Xmas, saw a long queue at the counter (approximately 7-8 people) but since it offers the lowest rate (having checked online), I resort to queuing.

After finally reaching my turn (and that's after 30mins or so), I was disheartened to be informed that the parcel will not reach my friend by Xmas day. No choice, I phoned up DHL to collect the parcel from my house (don't even need to queue) and the parcel arrived safely in my friend's hand the next day afternoon. No doubt, I'm paying almost double the price ($40+ for a small scrapbook) but the shorter delivery time and collection from home is really worth it.

On a side note, another of my friend, who's just staying one MRT station away from me, just sent me a small parcel (don't ask me why he's trying to be funny and sent the parcel to me instead of passing to me direct). According to him, the parcel was sent out 2 weeks ago but I only received it yesterday. Luckily it's not urgent but I suppose their delivery time can be improved.
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