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Courier & Postal D david-tan October 15, 2012 497
All good except during peak hours
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We do not usually go to Singpost unless we have got business there to do. There is a post office or post box in almost every neighbourhood. From sending letters to your pen pals, a parcel to your loved ones abroad or general postal services, post office is the place.

The post office releases beautiful collection of stamps at different months. Check out the dates on their website and try to avoid going to the post office on those days. It will be slightly more crowded as stamp collectors will head down to purchase their stamps. Buying online, that will be another alternative to beat the queue if you are collecting stamps and looking to buy. They have an online shopping portal for you to get your items online.

The queues can get ridiculous during the start and end of the month as well as after office hours. There will be people remitting money back and collecting or sending their packages. Expect to queue for up to an hour or more.

One thing to know would be the postage prices that increased last month. Up to sixty cents, it is no longer fifty cents for a postcard and do check with the post office for the updated rates. Larger packages can get more expensive especially to countries away from Asia. Postage prices go by weight and bring your packages to the post office to get it weighed.

Aside from one or two missing packages, the others have been delivered quickly and successfully. If you are looking to send a package or parcel, head down to Singpost today and the friendly staff will help you with your package.
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