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Courier & Postal D david-tan October 15, 2012 497
Stamping it out
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There was a time, about thousand years ago perhaps, when I was young, when you went to a post office to buy a stamp, send a parcel or a telegram, and that was it. Things have changed. Be it Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, wherever, post offices now offer services that are anything but letters and stamps and 'postage' stuff.

You want personal loans? They got them albeit at a rather hefty interest rate. Did I hear someone whisper loan sardines? Want to pay your traffic fines? No fines? Oh. YOu must be an exception.

How about insurance? Got lah. Banking? Credit card services? Yes, yes. Logistics? Distribution? Bisa diatur! Need help from AVA, CPF or ICA? SIngpost can do it. Even want to pay your examination fees, see your friendly PO.

I understand. Postage stamps and letters are becoming fossils. Let's diversify. Trouble is that whenever I go into a post office there is almost inevitably a long q, with a capital ooooo as in looooong.

"Oh, you want stamps?"

I nod as I stagger forward when my turn comes after half an hour.

'"Try the counter at the end there....."

I look sadly at the lady who sits under a sign saying remittances and botox injections (or something similary.

She stares back. Finally she says: Send an email, it's quicker."

At least we agree on that.

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