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Courier & Postal D david-tan October 15, 2012 497
Mega long waiting time
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Overall Rating 
Despite being a Singaporean, I have only started noticing Singpost recently. When I was younger, all I know about Singpost is that you can mail postcards to your friends and receive letters in your mailbox.

But about a year ago, I started out a small blogshop with my friends and started to visit Singpost more regularly. I have to say that their service really needs to be improved on. I remember vividly that every time I go to Singpost, the waiting time is terrible. Very often, I ended up having to wait close to 20, 30 minutes just to mail out a few items, even if the queue wasn’t long to start with. In addition, some of the staffs’ attitudes were really bad.

However, there were also instances that made me impressed with their services. There is this Singpost delivery lady who would go all the way up to my house to deliver me a parcel (instead of squeezing them into the mailbox) even though I did not request for registered postage. And even at some of the busier branches, there are also friendly and polite staffs.

Although people no longer use mailing as their primary mode of communication, online business has created a whole new different meaning to traditional mailing. Thus, I believe that in order to continue surviving in the industry, Singpost got to improve her services.
Otherwise, her market position would eventually be replaced by other upcoming companies?
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