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Credit & Leasing A aikiash December 12, 2012 1217
Lots of benefits but takes time to learn about it
(Updated: January 25, 2013)
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I joined as member of TCC in year 2000 when I took an interest-free study loan from it. The school has a tie-up with TCC and I immediately sign up for it. It was not that my family did not have good credit standing with the commercial bank but who would not choose to go for interest-free loan?

I do not know much about it when I first sign up. However year after year, it paid me good interest with good service and gave me much less problem than the strongest bank in Asia. TCC left me a good impression when I went to them again in 2005 for a loan to help out with my Mum's hospital fees. The process was tedious but through it, they found out that I only needed small amount of money each month to roll over to the next. Instead of trying to earn my hard earned money by agreeing to loan me a huge sum, they told me as member I am entitled to certain benefits and got it all worked out for me, without me having to pay a single cent of interest. Then again in 2011, I went for operation after operation and I was entitled to claim the hospitalization benefit. Not a huge sum of money but it helps to pay off the miscellaneous fees my family has to spend while caring for me in the hospital.

One improvement I hope to see is for TCC to let members know their benefits. There are so many benefits but I need to dig or ask and sometimes, I got to know it too late for the claim to be valid for process.

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