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Lighting & Fixtures J juzsimplicity May 22, 2012 272
Be in the know before you go!
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Overall Rating 
Spotlight is a spacious store dedicated to sating your lust for craft or sewing materials, or anything in the spirit of DIY. At Spotlight, you would almost find any material you would need or even stage props that you would need. Think white clay masks and pink feathered boas!

Spotlight is my trusted and reliable friend during the years doing home economics where I could design my product beforehand and scout for materials and designs closely similar to what I had envisioned. Going to Spotlight the first time might be quite a blur. This is compounded by the fact that there are no other retail assistants stationed around to assist you, except to cut your cloth by yards.

Hence, be sure to do enough research on the type of materials, size of equipment, length of fabric, etc. that you need beforehand.

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