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Kirei Kirei is a brand under Lion Corporation, specialising in Anti-bacterial Body Froam and Foaming Hand Soap for anti-bacterial protection. Their hand soaps and body foams are available in four different fruity fragrances - Natural Citrus, Refreshing Grapes, Moisturising Peaches and Caring Berries. They also produce hand sanitiser.


Source: Kirei Kirei
Source: Kirei Kirei

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Childhood go-to soap
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We’ve all seen their commercials in our childhood. A bunch of cheery kids coming home from school, lathering their hands with soap, while being lovingly watched by Vivian Lai. As a child, I loved Kirei Kirei. (I thought using the stuff I saw on TV was cool.) While I’ve moved onto Body Shop hand scrubs or Bath and Body Works hand gels, Kirei Kirei still retains a certain charm.

With cleansing ingredients from plant extracts, I recommend Kirei Kirei to kids and young families. Organic extracts may be a requisite for all healthcare brands today, but Kirei Kirei’s lathering foam is likely to make wash time an especially fun one for kids. I remember slathering my hands with Kirei Kirei’s foam, pretending it was snow. I’m pretty sure this special appeal won’t be lost on children today.

Us millennial kids will be pleased to know that there are new fragrances to choose from: Natural Citrus, Refreshing Grapes, Moisturizing Peaches and Caring Berries. (I know, even the names sound so soothing.) Available in all supermarkets, Kirei Kirei is definitely worth the throwback.

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