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Others L lydia-hunter February 10, 2016 135
Delicious, useful and healthy, the perfect combination
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I’ve eaten the staple Clif Bars for a while now, vegan, high in fibre and protein, they instantly fill me up and are perfect before or after a bike ride or exercise. I would personally like to thank Clif for helping me half way through one particular hike, where I have never in my life been so glad to eat an energy bar. I’ve always thought it was a great product, but my love for the company as a whole came recently when I tried their Clif Shot Blocks on a bike ride. Thinking they’d taste fake or just disgusting like other gels I’ve tried, I realised that in reality they’re even better than normal sweets.

Apart from now having to make sure I don’t eat energy blocks when I’m sitting on the sofa, I’m so thankful that I’m starting to use the other products in the Clif range. Although not all their products are vegan, even the fact that their shot blocks don’t contain gelatine is such a relief, and with most products not containing animal products, it means that all kinds of athletes can use and benefit from their products.

I love their company culture as much as their products. You know an office that provides free counselling to all employees and paid fitness lessons with a personal trainer every week is one that genuinely cares about their employees as much as their customers. Brilliant products that really help with sport performance or just when snacking and looking for a healthier alternative.
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