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Healthstores L lydia-hunter January 14, 2016 824
Paradise? More like Brown Rice Hell
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Brown Rice Paradise is very good at stocking a wide range of vegetarian and vegan food, however what they’re definitely not good at is customer service. I’ve had unhelpful shop assistants in the past, but frankly the person on duty in BRP just took the vegan biscuit. Also, the prices are very high for what they’re selling. I know that vegan chocolate tends to be more expensive and there aren’t very many places to buy it from, but I left feeling like I had kind of been ripped of.

The selection of stuff is truthfully very good, they have a whole load of health foods as well as vitamins and organic household products. I found what I was looking for easily enough, and then spent some time wandering around and looking at all the other things they stock in a vegan's idea of heaven. When I went to pay, there’s no clear way of knowing which side of the only till to stand on, especially because the shop assistant wasn’t actually on the till at the time. She suddenly turned around as if I had tried to personally insult each of her children and family members, and rudely asked “Oh, you want to pay?”, before huffing and puffing over to the till. She then shouted “This side, this side” as apparently I was on the wrong side of the world's most confusing till. Giving over my money for overpriced chocolate was made even more painful when I had to give it to her. No thank you for coming, not even a single other word was said to me, and I left Brown Rice Hell never really intending to go back, which is honestly a shame.

A nice store ruined by jokingly bad customer service, when your products are that expensive and for such a niche market, I find it hard to believe that talking to customers like that can ever be good for your business.
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