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Alternative Medicine J juzsimplicity June 03, 2012 1294
Grab-and-go bottled herbal tea for me
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Overall Rating 
Depending on where I'm, I usually go for herbal tea when shopping around, especially if I've to move under the sun. I'm one who gets "heaty" easily and if I don't watch my diet, a sore-throat for the next 2 days is a sure thing.

Although I usually purchase my herbal tea from those shops you find along MRT stations selling nothing but herbal tea, I was at Bedok Point last week after dinner and to my knowledge, there weren't any such shops nearby, I stumbled into Eu Yan Sang, hoping to find bottled herbal tea but not having my hopes high.

Luckily for me, I managed to find these bottled herbal tea in the fridge. Yes, it's more expensive than what I normally paid for, $1.80/ bottle but just from the packaging, it feels so much more atas compared to the normal plastic bottles I get from outside. The packaging has a smooth feel to it. I bought luohanguo that day. The taste felt great. It's hard to describe but I'll try. Compared to the ones I previously had, this felt a lot more substantial, as though more herbs have been used in the brewing process. It's also slightly sweet for my liking but acceptable nonetheless.

A point to note is that these bottled herbal teas from Eu Yan Sang have longer expiry dates, leading me to believe that they do contain preservatives or they have used certain packaging technology to keep the bacteria out for a longer period of time.
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