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Alternative Medicine J juzsimplicity June 03, 2012 1294
Love the american Ginseng Tea.
(Updated: November 22, 2012)
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Thanks to all the stress and insufficient amount of sleep i was getting, i'm often feeling tired by late morning. In a desperate attempt to relieve myself from feeling tired almost every other day i decided to search for ginseng tea since i've heard my friend commenting on it's effectiveness before. Since Eu Yan Sang has an unrivalled reputation as the leader in the TCM industry, i believe their tea products will be of good quality and effectiveness.

Wanted to buy American Ginseng Tea but it was out of stock so i got myself the Wild American Ginseng Tea instead. A small box contains 6 tea bags and cost $20. I've no idea if that was considered overpriced since it's my first time getting Ginseng Tea. The tea bags contain a good amount of ginseng and i had 3 cups of 300ml, by then the taste hasn't even fade out abit.

I don't know if it was just my imagination, but i felt more awake throughout the whole day. Honestly even it was overprice, i'll still get the Ginseng tea from Eu Yan Sang, moreover there's 10% discount for PAssion card holders too. The staff at Hougang mall who was assisting me could neither speak english nor mandarin well, i spent quite abit of effort to comprehend her words.

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