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Alternative Medicine J juzsimplicity June 03, 2012 1294
Herbal Eggs!
(Updated: November 22, 2012)
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Once upon a time i fell in love with herbal eggs and it was only till i ate Eu Yan Sang's did i finally found my Prince.

Let me reiterate: Eu Yan Sang's herbal eggs are THE BEST herbal eggs in town. I could not emphasize more. The oh-so-yummy gravy is enriched with all the herbs that I do not even mind becoming healthy all of a sudden.

Other than the herbal egg, I bought bottled bird's nest from them before. I do not encourage bird's nest lovers to buy from Eu Yan Sang as there is hardly any bird's nest inside. I felt so cheated when I found out. I shall just stick to my herbal eggs.

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