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Alternative Medicine J juzsimplicity June 03, 2012 1298
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Mention Chinese herbs and the first store that comes to mind is probably Eu Yan Sang. They have many shops islandwide that sell various Chinese medicines and supplements. I would consider them a classier version of the more laidback Hock Hua. Their staff are well-dressed and informed about the various products stocked. Eu Yan Sang has products under their own name, which is a testimony to their quality. They also do not scrimp on advertising as they can frequently be seen on television or as sponsors for various Mediacorp shows.

However, I think that their products are more expensive than other similar variants. Perhaps this is due to their branding and long history, which then justifies the price tag. For someone cost-conscious like me, I would eschew them in favour of the cheaper variants. However, if you like quality assurance, then of course Eu Yan Sang will never be a wrong choice for you.
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