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Polyclinics I iswariya October 20, 2012 700
Non-subsidised polyclinic as good as private dentist
(Updated: December 06, 2012)
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I've only been to Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic for its dental services. Fortunately, one is able to make appointments so I've avoided the nightmare queues I always hear about. There are 2 dental clinics.

The non-subsidised clinic is located beside the main polyclinic and provides non-routine services like wisdom tooth extraction. It's easy to make an appointment and there are usually slots available without having to wait for months or something. I had my wisdom teeth extracted twice here. I was pretty nervous for my first extraction. The second required a mini surgery. But I was really impressed by how efficient and painless everything was. Even though it's not subsidised, I thought the rates were really reasonable. I think my simple surgery cost under $200, including follow-up to remove the stitches. In addition, it's possible to pay with Medisave so you don't feel the pinch as much. Well, that might explain why I can't remember exactly how much the surgery cost. The staff were really friendly whenever I called to make/change appointments too. Overall a positive experience visiting this dentist.

As for the subsidised clinic, it provides basic services like polishing and scaling. Obviously cannot expect the same privileges since they have more people to serve. Appointments must be made about 3 months in advance unless you're lucky to have someone before you cancel. There's a penalty for being late or no-shows because you have to place a deposit with them. Quite scary for me since I'm the late sort but I think it's a reasonable policy. Routine check plus polishing and scaling cost about $40 for me. I only visit because I think a polyclinic should be cheaper than regular dentists.

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No queues; good service
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