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Hospitals S snoopyblues October 20, 2012 723
Long waiting time
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I think the only complaint I have about Ttsh is the long waiting time required to see a doctor. Ttsh is a public hospital and the flow of patients is non stop and hence, causing busy doctors and staff personnels and long waiting time. It is something that comes in a package for relative affordable healthcare, so maybe it isn't something to complain about.

Possibly it is a case of being unlucky, or perhaps it is a common sight on a daily basis, we waited for nearly 2 hours after getting a queue number (even though my father had an appointment, he insisted that we had to wait for registration), I went to ask the nurse and she said we can actually go straight to the consultation room. Off we went, and was informed that the report wasn't finalised yet because the doctor is doing a procedure for another patient.

So we waited for another possible 1 to 1.5 hours before getting into the room and getting a finalised consultation by the doctor. That is the possible reason why the registration counter didn't call on our queue number. During that 1 - 1.5 hours we even visited some relatives that happened to stay at oasia hotel opposite ttsh. While we were waiting, we asked the assistant nurse several times and she was very kind to keep calling for the finalised report and was very apologetic.

The doctor was very nice and professional I must say. She is very knowledgeable and speak fluently in Chinese which is a great convenience for my father. Their nurses and staffs were very helpful and polite too. All in all, the only thing that bugs me was the long waiting time, though I think it can't be helped with the amount of patients going in and out.
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