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Hospitals S snoopyblues October 20, 2012 668
Decent at its best
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Overall Rating 
Having been born here, in the early years of my life, I visited this hospital quite often to a nasal phlegm problem I had in my childhood. I experienced the terrible waiting time myself, having to wait from 8am in the morning to till the afternoon for my appointment, only to realise later on that the doctor I was seeing was not even my usual doctor.

I do not know whether it was wrongly dispensed medicine or wrong treatment for doctors, much the fact that I started gaining weight fast after stopping treatment as the problem ceased and that my nose became very sensitive to elements in the air soon after like it had not been before showed that there was some undesirable side effect to the treatment that me and my parents were not aware of.

The decoration of the childrens' area is really childish and did not really make me feel good about the hospital back then as it was intended to. Overall, long waiting times and questionable medicine/treatment makes this hospital not my choice for future consultations and treatment.
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