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Snip avenue is a relatively young salon offering really cheap hair services. A hair cut can cost a range of $2.20 to $3.80 depending on the period you visit.

On my several visit to the branch at tampines street 21, I had my hair trimmed relatively up to my satisfaction. I even discover few promising male hairdressers (just in my opinion) who be recognised for their skills in future. One incident I saw while waiting for my turn was pretty amusing. A man had requested a "mushroom cut" (yes, I did not hear wrongly, even to the hairdresser's surprise). The end masterpiece was good! Even though the hair cut did look a little like mushroom, there are some kind are flow to the cut that makes it look adorable and not ugly. It was an eye-opener!

I switched to the other branch at Tampines street 81 and decide to change my hair style. The first visit was pretty horrible. The hairdresser was chatting to the lady next to him all the time while cutting my precious hair. Well, the end product was a shock to me. It was way too short to what I desire and I just look really funny. But my second visit turn out well after requesting for another hairdresser. My subsequent visits has never fail my expectation of my haircut and it has became a salon I visit regualarly and would recommend.

So the trick now is to target certain haridresser(s) that I like and request for them. For those going for the first time, it's good to ask around for their opinions or you will have to try your luck.

Though cheap, the skills provided by the staffs were relatively good (depending on the branch).And because of the cheap price, it is good for ladies who need a trim every month to maintain their particular hairstyle.

However, the waiting time is really long sometimes. I had waited for almost one hour at one of my visits. So do make sure you are not in a rush before going to this shop.

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