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Hairdresser P primate October 18, 2013 1044
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I patronized the outlet at Djitsun Mall after buying a groupon for a hair treatment online. I had booked an appointment at 5 and quickly rushed over from my previous location in fear that I would be late. To my horror, the salon was fully packed at the time of my arrival, 1 or 2 minutes before 5 and the staff at the counter told me to come back in 15 minutes. I came back after 15 minutes and was seated down.

No one attended to me for a long time. There were a total of 4 seats available at the salon and all of them had a customer in it. The other 3 ladies were being attended to while the staff seemed to ignore me for long while. I picked up the magazine in front of me to kill time. Then, my neck was dressed with a plastic bag and towel and I was directed to the sink area. During the wash, the staff asked me if I wanted to pay an additional $25 to use the machine which would allow for the treatment to be absorbed better. I kindly declined. When I was directed back to my chair, she asked me again about paying the additional $25 but again, I declined. Then, a mask was applied to my hair. To note, the Groupon I had purchased listed that it was a 7-step L'oreal Hair and Scalp Treatment which consisted of the following:

Mint Scalp Purifying Mask
L'Oreal Collagen Mask
Mythic Oil
Mythic Milk
Keratin Spray
Keratin Cleanser

After the mask, I was directed back to the sink for a wash. Then, my hair was blown dry and some serum was applied. The hairdressers then told me I could go. I was wondering if my treatment was shortened because I had declined to pay for the use of the machine. The Groupon was worth $260, shouldn't it include everything? I left the place frustrated.

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Djitsun Mall
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