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Cosmetics & Bodycare A audrey-oh May 15, 2012 654
Only good during sales
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Overall Rating 
For me, I go to Watsons mainly for their cosmetics. Drugstore brands like Revlon, Canmake, Maybelline.

I probably tried all the testers available at all the Watsons, and I'm a really poor student, so I would usually wait for them to have sales. When they do have sales though, it's super awesome because at 20%, a canmake blush priced at $17.90 you can actually grab it for $14.30. It's quite a good deal if you think about it.

Also, if you're a member, for every $5 spent, you get one point. For every 20 points accumulated, it's a $1 rebate/discount. Although it isn't much, Watsons is probably one of the only places in Singapore that offers this service.

However, for gyaru/gal or rather, japanese style make up products like Dolly Wink and Candy Doll, Watsons really do jack up the price a lot. At least by $5, which is saying something. They're the only place in Singapore to get them though, sadly.

Another thing. Watsons don't update their make up products much. An example, the lashionista mascara from Maybelline was launched around January in Japan I believe, and even when I went to Bangkok in June, it was available there. It took another two months to reach Singapore. And there's a lot more brands that Watsons could have brought in, or even updated their racks more. The Maybelline products like the blushes at the bottom of the counters, have been at least there for 3 years or something, they just don't release new products despite their original country having produced it. Also, for the same lipstick from Revlon, it's $17.90 in Singapore, $9 SING in Bangkok, why the difference? It's really unfair somehow, but still I love Watsons, because no where else in Singapore has so many affordable make up and testers for them. My love will probably die when a better and newer store pop up though.
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