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Cosmetics & Bodycare A audrey-oh May 15, 2012 648
Great store that I would buy from but would not become its member.
(Updated: September 25, 2012)
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Overall Rating 
A lot of basic essential items to care for your hair, face and body can be found at Watsons. It is rather well stocked and I could see Watsons bringing in more Asian brands from Japan and Korea into the Singapore market. Regular discounts and sales also attract me to buy from Watsons.

Some products at Watsons are one of their kinds. For instance, I love their house brand’s strawberry yogurt hand soap. Not only does it look pink and pretty, but also smells heavenly and yummy. It’s only $2.90 for 500ml on sale, which I find to be a steal. Ever since I purchased this product, my family has been washing their hands with soap more often compared to previous times when they simply wet their hands with water only. Washing your hands with soap regularly can help prevent the spread of flu, thus the addition of the strawberry yogurt hand soap has really been useful in my household.

While Watsons sell an extensive range of goods like grooming products and food, there are cheaper alternatives out there when it comes to the more common items. These would be chocolates like Kit-Kats and Mars where you can get them cheaper at supermarkets. Supermarkets sell some of the grooming products at a lower price as well, such as Baby Johnsons and Sunsilk.

I did not apply to be their member though I was prompted to for a few times because I do not purchase the bulk of my essentials from Watsons. Membership cost $5 for lifetime and every purchase earns you points. If you do purchase regularly from Watsons, do become its member.

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