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Your Make-Up Starter Kit
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We're all blooming, be it later or earlier. And no doubt we all probably are/have dabbled a little into make-up. Sephora ranks high on the list, but their prices are really a little too much to bear for amateurs (we all are/once were) who have barely gotten a decent grip on perfecting the eyeliner.

Watsons presents the perfect avenue for such, and actually provides products of such decent and good quality that many professionals use these drugstore products too. Such include 'Maybelline', 'Revlon', 'Silky Girl', 'Essence', 'Model's Own', 'Clio', 'Canmake', 'Peri Pera', and the list goes on. Just pop into an outlet and you'd be amazed by the variety that greets you at half the price of Sephora.

Nail polish, facial cleanser, make-up remover, make-up, you name it. All your vanity concerns can probably be answered for at Watsons. Of course you can find other products (food, basic first-aid needs, bathing needs, etc), but I personally go to Watsons mostly for the make-up counters.

Revlon nail polishes are one of the best in the store, next to Sally Hansen. But Essence is really not lagging back by too much, especially with their 3bucks(approximately) per bottle that just blows you away. I adore Maybelline for their mascaras (the Falsies, or even just the Colossal range, they're just such good formulas) and their Hyper Liner is one of my holy grails. It's perfect for practising with liquid liners, and perfecting your winged liners. ;) Revlon's lip products are to die for too.

Honestly, I could go on for ages, but you should just head down to the store and try out all those make-up for yourself.

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