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Cosmetics & Bodycare E edlyn-seow January 03, 2014 221
Bold, deep colours that will become your firm favourite
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Urban Decay is everything that I love in a makeup brand. They don’t take themselves too seriously and they don’t have that air of pretentiousness that many upmarket brands seem to have about themselves. Best known for their Naked palettes and other eye make up products, their bold colours and clever advertising leaves them a strong favourite with the younger audience.

As an owner of their Naked 2 palette, I can safely say that their products live up to the hype. I’ve pretty much used it everyday since I got it, and the colours vary so much that you can go from a casual everyday look to a bold smokey eye and everything in-between, all with one palette. The pigmentation of the colour is really deep, and there is a large choice between the colours, with a variation of matte and glittery to give you as many options as possible.

I am a true Urban Decay fan. I used to think that the price of the Naked palettes was a little excessive, but when you actually begin using it you realise that the colours are beyond worth it. Everything from the big mirror and the super high quality brush that come with it to the design of the palette itself is perfect, now I just need to bankrupt myself buying the other three.
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