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Cosmetics & Bodycare E edlyn-seow January 03, 2014 253
Perfect for both contour virgins and experts alike
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I’m not the largest make up expert going around, however when my sister purchased me a Too Faced Contour Cocoa Kit, I recognised the brand name immediately. My sister knows all there is to know about makeup, with her recent obsession with makeup brushes simply getting out of control, so I knew to trust her judgement when it came to this purchase. The included instruction kit didn’t give me much to go by, however a million and one youtube contour tutorials left me in good hands. I haven’t yet mastered Kim Kardashian contour skills, but I’m not a total mess, so in my eyes it’s a success. Not only is the kit beautifully packaged and designed, but the powders actually smell like chocolate, so unsurprisingly my love for the kit grew and grew.

The powders are all of high quality as if you were to buy them separately, and the brush is unbelievably soft. For me it’s good enough however for the more experienced makeup user I feel like it would probably fall short. The only downsides I can think of are that the lightest powder is just a little too glittery and left me feeling a bit Twilight-esque, and the darkest was just too dark for my sadly pale skin. The mirror is big enough to use on the go and the colours all work really well together, proving that there is a reason why this Too Faced kit is so popular.

I love the product design behind this kit, I’m also now a true Too Faced fan and will definitely be buying some of their other products in the future. Powders are better than liquids for first time contour uses such as myself, however the kit is so good that it is perfect for both first timers and experienced users alike. High quality, amazing smell and a decent price for such a good product, I definitely recommend this Contour Kit.
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