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Cosmetics & Bodycare A audrey-oh May 15, 2012 369
Tea Tree oil is the way to go.
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Tea tree oil goodness is one of the many things that the Body shop has pride itself in commercializing, other than it's fragrance of its many products. Their mini bottle of tea tree oil which was apparently a world record breaker with one selling every twelve seconds, proves to be not just talk. It is effective and cheap for something that yield such good result.Walking around their store, I was often attracted to their parfum section. My favourite would be the Japanese cherry blossoms. It has a sweet smelling scent that's not overpowering, prefect for daily use, no matter what occasion you're having for the day.

Their mineral make up line is also one to look out for, though the range is not that extensive here in Singapore and the tanner/ darker skinned people would find it hard to get something within their skin tone.They also sell make up brushes should you be interested in buying.

One attraction point for people shopping in the Body shop is the fact that they have weekly specials on top of season discounts, so ask. Ask the staff and they would let you be in the know. You'd be saving more money with good products that will yield results.

I find it hard to believe that most branches are usually empty when the franchise offers such good products. I highly recommend this for those who haven't tried it at all.
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