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Cosmetics & Bodycare P poppy February 15, 2013 170
Eyelash curler, eyeshadows and blushers
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When it comes to Shu, I think of three things - eyelash curler, eyeshadows and lipsticks.

The eyelash curler from Shu is famous for being suitable for Asian eye-shapes. It is my go-to eyelash curler because it delivers a natural and long-lasting curl! It does not give you the "90 degree" curl that could otherwise happen with overly-stiff curlers. Unlike some poorly-shaped eyelash curlers, the one from Shu does not "kiap" (pinch) my eyelids and does not feel dangerous when using. The eyelash curler is easy and very safe to use! The eyelash curler does come with a refillable pad for you to replace the old pad with should it be too old and dirty to use. From experience, one pad can definitely last you a good one year with proper care.

The eyeshadows are super silky and intensely pigmented. Shu also makes the prettiest and most versatile neutral eyeshadows around (taupe/ cool browns/ warm browns..) that suit the asian skintone. Even their matte shadows are well executed and have very minimal chalkiness and fall out! Blushers are long-lasting, pigmented and gives your cheeks a soft translucent sheen which looks very natural and pretty. At Shu, you can choose four eyeshadows or two eyeshadows/one blusher to form a customized palette of your own which will come in handy during travelling! Prices are reasonable for the quality you are getting and the staff are always very patient and knowledgeable about their products.

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