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Penhaligon's strive to create original scents for the discerning eccentrics of today. Penhaligon's prides itself in making its scents in Englad using the finest rare ingredients - from hand squeezed bergamot to jasmine at twice the price of gold. The signature bottle design is the founder's William Penhaligon's design - clear glass with a distinctive ribbon stopper.

Visit a Penhaligon's boutique today and you'll find a portfolio of 34 unusual and distinctive fragrances: each designed to elicit a response.


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Penhaligon's has the classiest decor for a fragrance shop. When I stepped in, I felt like I need to get something from here. I just have to own something. I looked around at their bottle designs and they have the prettiest bottle design ever!! I think it looks prettier than Jo Malone's packaging. It's more girly and exquisite looking. I would love to own a bottle of perfume from Penhaligon's but unfortunately, despite the wide selection of fragrances, I wasn't attracted to anything. :-(

I love refreshing, fruity and light scents like Jo Malone's English Pear & Freesia. I hate anything that smells mature, heavy and musky and that's what the scents here smell like. It's soooo heavy I wanted to sneeze right away even though the sales assistant only sprayed a tiny bit. Even the scents containing fruits smelled woody and musky. Didn't enjoy the scents as much as I enjoyed looking at the vanity side of the perfume. Sigh! I will stick to Jo Malone. But anyway, if you like heavy smells, I highly recommend you to visit Penhaligon's but if you don't, look somewhere else :)

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