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Cosmetics & Bodycare H haziyah-ali March 17, 2013 671
perfect for dry skin
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Overall Rating 
I grew up watching my grandmother rub Nivea creme on my arms and legs and then proceeded on to rub creme on the soles of her mildly cracked feet. I was born with dry and sensitive skin which would cause my skin to flake dead skin cells when scratched during cold weather. Heavily moisturised, Nivea creme is the only brand that works for me. However, such a creamy lotion will cause me to perspire excessively during the day when it's hot and humid. It is best used at night after a shower; and before bed. This will keep your skin moisturised and hydrated throughout the cold night.

I have extended my use of Nivea line of products to their deodorants and lip balms over the past few years. I highly recommend their spray-on invisible black/white deodorant. It helps me a lot since my clothes are mostly dark coloured. The deodorant will not leave ugly stains on any of my clothes unlike other deodorants I have used in the past. I have yet to use their lip butter but I would save it until I have finished my current one.

All in all, Nivea is one of the best solution for anyone with dry and sensitive skin.
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