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Cosmetics & Bodycare P poppy February 18, 2013 188
Really great first experience with makeup
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THE NAME. I have to say, if there was one thing I'd change about this product, it would be the name. When I first saw it in stores, it really didn't ring a bell at all. Didn't help that the name sounds a lot like some other drugstore brand I saw in Watsons once upon a time. It just sounded cheap to me, I didn't figure out it was by Shiseido till much later.

I have to say, Shiseido knows what it's doing (can't really say the same for its cleanser, though, much too dry, although the range of masks fixes that quite nicely). This cosmetics range is pretty decent, and really did some work settling me and readying me for my other forays into the world of makeup. The products do not clog my pores or break me out, which is saying something because I break out quite easily from unsuitable products. This is good if you have sensitive skin.

The mascaras are good, I suppose. Haven't really tried enough other mascaras to say that with much certainty, but they don't smudge, which is a plus point (sensitive eyes that tear up easily). So you can wear it on days with guaranteed waterworks (i.e. romcom night?)
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