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Cosmetics & Bodycare P poppy February 18, 2013 188
Best drugstore mascara brand
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My rating is solely for their mascara. I rave about their mascara to my girl friends all the time. Whenever someone asks me for an affordable mascara, I would recommend MM without hesitation. I've tried their different range of mascaras and my favorite would be the Lash Expander Frame Plus.

It really opens up my eyes by elongating my lashes and holding the curl well. The mascara does not apply in clumps and separates my lashes well too. Of course, you have to apply the mascara properly if not even the best mascara would not perform well. The mascara is smudge proof and water proof and looks very natural when you put 1 coat on. For a more dramatic result, layer it on. I really like their packaging as well. You can tell that they put in a lot of effort on the design of their products. They have seasonal releases as well and sometimes, there are even tinted mascaras! Last year, they released a brown and a blue one. I did not get it but I am sure MM mascaras will not disappoint :)

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