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Not for People With Sensitive Noses
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Being within a 50-metre proximity to any Lush outlet makes my head pound with a sensory overload - in a bad way. Lush seems to have a reputation for its natural cruelty-free products, that apparently smell amazing.

After painfully forking out $29 for a small tub of their best-selling facial cleanser, Ocean Salt, I had high expectations of this product. But unlike many others, perhaps it’s just my skin, I broke out so badly after trying this. The salt pieces were way too harsh and sharp for my skin to handle and it just smelled overwhelmingly like the sea.

For those with sensitive skin, I would not recommend Lush’s exfoliating cleansers even if it claims to be mild.

Their bath bombs were also overpriced, and this time, underwhelming as expected. Douse yourself in a bottle of strawberry perfume and you get the same result. Overrated and not worth it in my opinion.

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