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Douse Yourself in A Bottle of Paracetamol and Get the Same Results
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Being within a 50-metre proximity to any Lush outlet makes my head pound with a sensory overload - in a bad way. Lush seems to have a reputation for its natural cruelty-free products, that apparently smell amazing.

After painfully forking out $29 for a small tub of their best-selling facial cleanser, Ocean Salt, I had high expectations of this product. But unlike many others, perhaps it’s just my skin, I broke out so badly after trying this. The salt pieces were way too harsh and sharp for my skin to handle and I smelled like I went for a swim in the sea after every application.

As for their bath bombs, $28 for a pink glittery ball that disintegrates in water? Save yourself the trouble of taking a ‘bath’ with it. Last I checked, baths were meant to make you clean, and not like you just rolled around in a pool of glittery unicorn vomit.

Overrated, overpriced and for those who like pretty (pink) things.

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