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You don’t have to know that lush is around the corner, you can smell it before you even see it with your eyes. The Lush store is known for its overpowering scent, at times it can get choking. Braving the smell and stepping into the store was probably the last on my list before I knew how amazing lush products are. To anyone who has the same sentiments I had, if you’re willing to overlook that minor detail, I’m sure stepping into lush won’t give you a bad time.

It’s always an enjoyable time in lush that you’ll be spoilt for choices. Not only do their products impress, their service is remarkable too. I have never encountered a pushy or unfriendly sales lady in lush which is very important to me. My first and all time favorite purchase was the Mask of Magnaminty. It is a facial mask cum scrub infused with China clay and peppermint oil that helps to reach deep within your skin to cleanse the debris off your skin. The peppermint oil leaves your skin feeling refreshed with a cool, tingly sensation - a pleasing feeling for such warm weather in Singapore. This mask is well suited for people with acne prone skin as it helps soothes irritated and inflamed skin.

This unquestionably won’t be the last of my purchase from lush, I’ve yet to try the other products but they are definitely on my list. Here’s a tip: Get your family/friends to buy bottles of lush back for you from the US/Australia, they cost a fraction of the price there than in Singapore! Don’t worry if you can’t get them overseas, these products go a long way so they’re worth spending every cent.

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Mask of Magnaminty
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