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Cosmetics & Bodycare L lushsg August 05, 2012 257
Am a convert, and will try to convert you
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The store at Orchard Gateway is always bursting with the most wonderful smells that hint of sunny days and lazy summer nights (not exactly something Singaporeans have a proclivity for, but I suppose the Western romanticized idea of a summer night with campfires by the beach haunts me).

The products smell fresh. Fruity, but not overwhelming and sweet, but not overpowering. These are not your Victoria's Secret or The Body Shop scents - even from the outside, the tangy citrus smell rejuvenates you and spurs you on to walk into the store.

Their products are so cute and fun, but so impractical for me. Never mind the fact that I don't have the time to take a full bath - I don't even have a bathtub. Although honestly, I'd try and borrow one just to try out their bath bombs - I've heard they fizzle and dye the water colours and are basically just magical.

LUSH holds the promise of illusion and enchantment.
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