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Cosmetics & Bodycare L lushsg August 05, 2012 257
Fun but expensive
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How can anyone pass by Lush without knowing? The smell is so strong! Sometimes too much! But when you step in, you'll be overwhelm by not just the smell but the number of products too. So many different types of soaps and they all look and smell very interesting.

I like their soaps most. I used their hair soaps and the one I really like is Jumping Juniper. But not cheap! Actually all their stuff are not cheap. So don't go crazy. If you step in for the first time, don't get too excited and try to buy too many things. Go read up what's good and then buy according to what you think you need. If you got bath tub, try their bath bombs. Price reasonable and very fun to use. Most got colors so the water will look nice to dip in. They also cause the bath water to be bubbly and smells great.

Good thing the sales staff are not atas and very helpful. So if you don't know anything, you can ask them and they are most willing to recommend or advice.
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