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Cosmetics & Bodycare L lushsg August 05, 2012 272
Great service
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I was attracted by the concept of the shop and the interesting decor they have.I walked into the shop and wasn't intending to buy since it just comes off as expensive to me. While I was looking around, this assistant come up to me and was very very friendly and helpful, I think she knows that I'm just looking around, yet she was so warm and nice; she took the initiative to explain the products, and which are the best products etc.

Needless to say, I was very impressed by her service, she was so passionate about what she is doing and it feels great being served by such a girl. I left the shop, thinking that I would come again, and I would get something from this shop then.

I returned to the shop, looked around and picked up "Bohemian", a pretty soap that exudes a lemony light refreshing smell, and without heisitation, I bought it. I have to say, as pretty as it looks or smell, it didn't suit my skin, because it is for people with oily or troubled skin, but I have normal skin. So I ended up using it as a hand soap which works great. I wouldn't blame it on the shop since I was the one who didn't ask and just swoop it up. On average, their soap bars cost over $10 and 100g is just a tiny piece.

Though 100g makes up a tiny piece, it can last for quite a while (because it is a soap bar), around 2 months, depending on how you use it. That being said, for people who finds soap bar a hassle to use, this may not be for you.

I'm not sure if I'm going to get the soap bar again, since I find it a little of a hassle to use soap bar, but if I can splurge a bit, I would get the other soap bars that are more moisturizing and they all look and smell promising! I heard that the porridge soap and the sultana soap is really good too!
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