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Cosmetics & Bodycare P poppy February 16, 2013 361
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Recently Laneige gave out free whitening samples to fans who liked their FB page and promotional post. Loving cheap thrills, I also went to collect my free samples!

I have to say that their service was really great. First, the samples that they gave were really generous. They actually gave you a week supply of it and I find it to be so thoughtful because consumers could then have an accurate gauge of whether the product works or not.
Sadly, the product doesn’t work for me. I love their texture but after a week there wasn’t any visible difference on my skin.

Aside from this product, I have also bought their set of facial cleanser and highly raved sleeping mask. Similarly, there wasn’t any visible improvement.

Overall, I think their products are really mild and hence great for people looking to maintain their current skin condition or for those with sensitive skin. But if you are looking for miracles, perhaps you should continue with your search!
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