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Cosmetics & Bodycare P poppy February 16, 2013 361
Smells so good
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Dedicating this review to Laneige Water Sleeping Pack, because it is just so good! Aside from the beautiful blue jar that greet you when you open it, just a slight whiff of the sleeping pack itself just make you so relaxed.

They actually have a patent for this aroma called Sleepscent, it is aim to aid sleep and relaxation while you rest for the night, which is really great since I have trouble sleeping. I wouldn't say it help directly, but because it smells so good, it relaxes you, put you in a good mood and that is already the first step to a good night sleep! It is almost like an aromatherapy done while you are hydrating and taking care of your skin, how great is that?

I wouldn't bore you with the details on the ingredients, but the texture of this sleeping pack is awesome, it is very light and gel like, the last thing you want on your face is a cream consistency that bothers with your sleeping.

It is very hydrating and refreshing, ideal for people with dry skin. It is actually for all skin types, even the oily skin type since the reason for oily skin is due to the skin being dry and the body can only supply moisture by producing sebum, so by hydrating your skin, it would regulate the oil production. You would wake up to a softer and smoother face the next morning!

Although it is not exactly cheap, but the product lasts for quite long , and is really worth it since it works really well.

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